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weight gain and menopause
Weight Gain
Weight Gain During Menopause - FemHealth.net

Weight Gain during Menopause

Weight gain, specifically a thickening in your middle, is another sign of changing hormones. While a number of books and doctors claim that menopause has nothing to do with weight gain, that weight gain occurs in menopausal women because they're older and their metabolism is slowing down
weight gain

Other studies indicate that hormone levels are tied to weight gain and redistribution of fat. Changes in diet and exercise can help rev up your body's metabolic rate. Also trying natural alternative supplements may help.

What causes weight gain during menopause?

Weight Gain can be produced by a great variety of causes. However, when women approach menopause, the main cause for weight gain is hormonal imbalance. The fluctuation in estrogen levels produces changes not only in body fucntioning, but also in mental health. Click here to read more about the causes of weight gain during menopause.

Three approaches for treating Weight gain during Menopause :

Three levels of approaches can be considered for treating Weight gain during Menopause:

Lifestyle changes,
Alternative approaches and
Drugs and surgery.

The safest way is to start with the least risky approach and go on to the next level only if it is necessary. Click on treatments for weight gain during menopause and learn about these three excellent approaches.
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