Irregular Periods During Menopause -
Irregular Periods During Menopause -
periods during menopause
Irregular Periods
Irregular Periods During Menopause -

Irregular Periods

Women normally maintain a period pattern, yet no one is completely regular. Periods can vary from 23 to 35 days, but they are classed as regular if your periods occur at roughly the same date each month. At certain age, the frequency between periods start fluctuating considerably, making them extremely difficult or even impossible to track.
irregular periods

Irregular periods are also known as anovulatory periods. It means that women do not properly develop and release a mature egg every month as they should normally. Because women respond differently, irregular periods adopt different types too.

What causes Irregular periods?

The most common cause of irregular menstrual periods (heavy bleeding and abnormal periods) in perimenopausal women is hormonal fluctuations that result from an imbalance of estrogen and progesterone. So, the best way to treat irregular perios is balancing hormone levels. Click here to read more about the causes of irregular periods and types of irregular periods.

Three approaches for treating Irregular Periods:

Three levels of approaches can be considered for treating Irregular Periods:

Lifestyle changes,
Alternative approaches and
Drugs and surgery.

The safest way is to start with the least risky approach and go on to the next level only if it is necessary. Click on treatments for Irregular Periods and don't miss these 3 excellent approaches.
Women who experience abnormally long menstrual cycles (40 days or more) are at a higher risk of developing type 2menstrual cycles can indicate diabetes risk
irregular periods
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