Crashing Fatigue During Menopause -
Crashing Fatigue During Menopause -
crashing fatigue
Crashing Fatigue
Crashing Fatigue During Menopause -

Crashing fatigue

Crashing fatigue is a debilitating and complex disorder experienced as body exhaustion with extremely poor stamina that is not improved by bed rest and that may be worsened by physical or mental activity. In other words, it's an endless overwhelming feeling of tiredness.

What causes Crashing fatigue?

The exact causes for crashing during menopause are still in debate, but it is generally accepted that the main reason for this is that the the declining level of estrogen hormones, producing hormonal imbalance, are responsible for the crashing fatigue. Click here to read more about the causes of crashing fatigue.

What are approaches for treating Crashing fatigue:

Three levels of approaches can be considered for treating Crashing fatigue:

(1) Lifestyle changes,
Alternative approaches and
Drugs and surgery.

The safest way is to start with the least risky approach and go on to the next level only if it is necessary. Click on treatments for Crashing fatigue and don't miss these three excellent approaches.
A recent study evaluated the cases of chronic fatigue in a community from Chicago to determine how it affects people considering gender, ethnic identification and social class… Is Chronic Fatigue Common in Women?
June 12, 2007
The ancient Chinese form of meditation called Qigong has recently been shown to be remarkable effective in chronic fatigue treatment..What are alternative treatments for chronic fatigue?
September 25, 2007
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