Dong Quai Benefits and Side Effects -
Dong Quai Benefits and Side Effects -
Benefits & Side Effects
Dong Quai Benefits and Side Effects -

Benefits & Side Effects of Dong Quai

Before using Dong Quai, women should be aware of the beneficial and the adverse effects this Phytoestrogenic herb has. Please read the following articles carefully because this may be the most important thing you must consider before using dong quai.

Dong Quai Benefits

Dong quai relieves menopause symptoms efficiently. This Phytoestrogenic herb is amazingly effective in short-term treatments for alleviating menopausal symptoms, especially menstrual disorders and PMS.
dong quai benefits side effects

Dong quai is a good alternative for HRT. The phytoestrogens of Dong Quai can supply the needed hormone to avoid the estrogen loss in women. In those terms, Dong Quai intake has almost the same benefits as HRT with a less expensive cost.

Dong quai has several health benefits besides relieving menopause symptoms: Dong quai is also used for effectively treating PMS, arthritis, and lowering blood pressure.

Dong Quai Side Effects

Dong quai may stimulate breast cancer. Medical researchers proved that Phytoestrogens in Dong Quai may accelerate the spread of breast cancer cells.

Dong quai causes skin inflammation and rashes
because increases an individual's sensitivity to sunlight. People taking dong quai should minimize their exposure to sunlight or use sunscreen while taking the herb.

Dong quai's contraindications : Dong quai cannot be used by pregnant women nor by people being treated with any anticoagulant.

Conclusions about Dong Quai:

Dong Quai is very effective for treating many menopause symptoms and it's reasonably priced compared to HRT. However, Dong quai has been recently questioned because it adds artificial hormones to the organism. By doing this, Dong Quai can produce side effects like breast cancer between others. Either way, Dong Quai is a good option for short term treatments.

Besides from Dong Quai you can find other alternative treatments which are as effective as it, but have no side effects. For example, Non-estrogenic herbs are a great alternative for treating Menopause symptoms. Read more about them in the following article.

Non-estrogenic herbs for menopause

Non-estrogenic herbs have nutrients that nourish the endocrine system to balance hormone levels naturally, avoiding side effects. It means that Non-estrogenic herbs make the body itself produce the needed hormones. Click here to read more about Non-estrogenic herbs for menopause.

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