Black Cohosh Function -
Black Cohosh Function -
How it works?
Black Cohosh Function -

How Black Cohosh Works?

Menopause symptoms occur because of unbalanced hormone levels, principally estrogen imbalance. Black cohosh works by providing the body the estrogen it needs. In simple words, black cohosh replaces the natural hormones the body produces with plant hormones (phytoestrogens) with good results.

In other words, Black Cohosh replaces the natural estrogen hormones with herbal estrogens for raising the amount of estrogen leading to higher hormones levels. Black cohosh also has some other unique nutrients which help treating specific women disorders.
black cohosh function

However, the use of black cohosh for relieving menopause symptoms has been recently questioned by doctors because some studies have shown that there may be a relation between phytoestrogen and the development and growth of breast cancer and other diseases.

Either way, you should get informed of the benefits and side effects of this phytoestrogenic herb before using it, so you will be aware if black cohosh fits your case. Click here to read about the benefits & side effects of black cohosh.
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