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Herbs for Menopause

Herbs for menopause.com is intended to solve all the doubts you may have about the herbs used for alleviating menopause symptoms. In fact, there are many reliable herbs for menopause that maintain a healthy life without symptoms of menopause, but women should learn which herb is the best for their specific case. Please take your time to read carefully the following articles in which you will find important information about the most used herbs for menopause symptoms relief.

Types of Herbs for Relieving Menopause Symptoms

There are basically two types of herbs for menopause symptoms relief: Phytoestrogenic and Non-estrogenic herbs for menopause. The first one contains phytohormones in it and the second one stimulates natural production of hormones in your body. herbs for menopause

Phytoestrogenic Herbs

Phytoestrogenic herbs for menopause are all the plants that contain a type of chemical compounds called phytoestrogens which are a group of herbal components that have chemical structures similar to those of estrogen.

Phytoestrogenic herbs for menopause work by providing the body the estrogen it needs. In simple words, these herbs replace the natural hormones the body produces with plant hormones (phytoestrogens) with good results. However, the use of these herbs for menopause has been recently questioned by doctors because some studies have shown that there may be a relation between phytoestrogen and the development and growth of breast cancer and other diseases. Click here to read more about Phytoestrogenics herbs for menopause.

These are the most effective Phytoestrogenic herbs:

  • Black Cohosh
  • Dong Quai
  • Gingko Biloba
  • Ginseng
  • Red Clover

    Non Estrogenic Herbs

    non-estrogenic herbs
    Unlike phytoestrogenic herbs, non-estrogenic herbs for menopause, as its name suggests, don't contain any estrogen. These herbs for menopause nourish the hormonal glands into producing more efficiently body-own, natural hormones. This ultimately ends up in balancing estrogen hormone levels reducing menopause symptoms.

    In other words, non-estrogenic herbs for menopause stimulate a woman's own hormone production, by inducing the optimal functioning of the pituitary and endocrine glands.

    Click here to read more about Non-estrogenic herbs for menopause

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    Ginseng (Panax ginseng) has been used as a traditional medicine amongst the peoples of China and Korea as well as amongst Native Americans for thousands of years. Frequently used as a potent preventative rather than a curative, Ginseng has also demonstrated tremendous therapeutic benefits for a wide number of conditions. If taken regularly Ginseng increases vitality, and can extend your life span.

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