Breast Cancer Stages -
Breast Cancer Stages -
stages of breast cancer
Breast Cancer Stages -

Stages of Breast Cancer

If physicians talk about breast cancer, they also use terms such as "early" or "advanced". Although these terms are not medically precise (they may be used differently by different doctors), here is a general idea of how they apply to the official staging system and a short description:
breast cancer stages

  • Early stage: Stages 0 - II

  • Later stage: Stages III (IIIA - IIIB)

  • Advanced stage: Stages IV

  • Stage 0: This stage describes non-invasive breast cancer. There is no evidence of cancer cells breaking through to or invading neighboring normal tissue.

    Stage I: This stage describes invasive breast cancer in which the tumor measures up to 2cm AND no lymph nodes are involved.

    Stage II: This stage describes invasive breast cancer in which the tumor measures 2-5cm OR cancer has spread to the lymph nodes under the arm on the same side as the breast cancer.

    Stage IIIA: This stage describes invasive breast cancer in which the tumor measures larger than 5cm OR the tumor has spread to lymph nodes, and nodes are clumping or sticking to one another or surrounding tissue.

    Stage IIIB: This stage describes invasive breast cancer in which a tumor of any size has spread to the breast skin, chest wall, or internal mammary lymph nodes (located beneath the breast inside the chest) and includes inflammatory breast cancer.

    Stage IV: This stage includes invasive breast cancer in which a tumor has spread beyond the breast, underarm, and internal mammary lymph nodes to main organs of the body, like the lungs, brain, bones or liver.

    Women must know that breast cancer shows syptoms that can be easily noticed. Click here know the Signs & Symptoms of breast cancer , because as earlier breast cancer is detected, as better are the chances to defeat it.

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